Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It's Back to School Time Again

It's time to begin thinking about preparing the kids for the school year. I came across a website that had many good articles and information on it. It's called Mom's Homeroom, and is described as a vibrant community of real moms sharing tips for helping kids succeed. Here is a Link to an article called "6 Ways to Get Organized for Back to School". Check out this Video too, of 4 mom's discussing their approach to the end of summer.

I had a really busy schedule this summer with the kids in all kinds of activities, usually overlapping each other. I had to be on top of things to keep track of it all. I do have a large family calendar, as is recommended in the above mentioned articles, but I found that it did not always get looked at by those who needed to see it. I finally decided that it was just too cluttered with all the info, so I decided to purchase a dry erase weekly planner, (I bought mine at Office Max). Either my daughter or I copy the info onto the board, using each person's colors as are on the calendar. Here is a photo of our Activity Central. I keep checks that are needed for weekly activities here, as well. So far the system is working really well. I initially bought TUL markers, and then had to replace them with Expo, as several of the markers dried out already.

Enjoy the rest of summer! If you need any help with organizing, please call Linda!