~A Job Well Done is a Job Worth Doing~

Linda helped me get a handle on my office work flow at a time when I was feeling quite overwhelmed due to a transition to a new position and office space.  We worked together to put in place a system of handling outstanding work assignments that gave me a sense of security and control.  Linda provided me with a number of great ideas to implement to organize and simplify my work life and take control of my work environment.  I am extremely grateful for her assistance!

~Valerie from Buffalo, NY

"There are no words I can write, that will best express my gratitude to you. Your help relieved me of a great deal of anxiety; making this transition less stressful."


"Linda, Thank you for everything you have been able to accomplish with my sister and her husband. I know your assistance has been very valuable to them as they start their life together."

~Jennifer, Tennesee

"Your Mother in-law says....thank you for the great ideas. I learn something from you all the time!"

"I always enjoy reading your tips and find something useful every month. This month my find was about the Tiny URL converter. I had heard about Tiny URL but never really knew what it was or how to find and use it. Thanks so much! I can even use that tip at work."

~Karen F.

"Love your tips...Thanks for being a friend to busy women..."


"I love the tips and visiting your website for ideas. Thank you."

~Catherine, Buffalo, NY

"Thank you for removing the chaos from our house!"

~Eric, Amherst, NY

"Thank you so much for helping to organize our home, get rid of clutter and give us a filing system that truly works. Thanks a million."

~Shirley, East Amherst, NY

“Linda made a huge difference in my home organization. She was able to work with many different areas and did so in a pleasant and effective way. Linda's effort in structuring a system that is customized to my needs has proved to be easy and incredibly enjoyable to use. My home office and children’s homework has never looked better!!”

~Debbie, Amherst, NY

"Linda- Thank you so much for the help and support. I look forward to using these new skills---as well as asking for more help!"

~M., East Amherst, NY

"I went from a computer center that had wires everywhere to an organized area that is now clutter-free. My bookshelf was overflowing with unproductive material and now I can find whatever I'm looking for efficiently and effectively. Linda helped make it that way by offering practical suggestions and solutions that streamlined my work area. Thanks, Linda!"

~Iris, Amherst, NY

"I loved your tip! You write in such an entertaining way, and offer very valuable information and inspiration! I think the clutter thing is HUGE for everybody. I was having a hard time shaking a bad mood on Wednesday so I organized my closet and I not only felt a lot better, but later that day I got through a whole box of stuff that I had been putting off for a long time. With energy to spare. I am convinced that it all started with the closet!"

~Joan, Amherst, NY

An Organizing Poem

Don’t know how I accumulate all that I got,
Keeping everything whether I needed it or not.
I’ve always been a pack-rat at heart,
But now I don’t know where to start.
Calling 716-631-5619 was the best thing I ever did,
Although asking for help made me feel like a kid.
Linda came over to evaluate my mess,
She said “We’ll do an area at a time so you don’t get stressed”.
We made cards that read “Keep”, “Relocate”, Recycle” & “Chuck”,
Before I knew it I was knee deep in “Stuff”.
I started to do what Linda did say,
Amazed, I had fun along the way.
Feeling elated at what we had done,
It was a cleansing experience and “I Won”!

~Sue G., Amherst, NY
Back to Basics Fan For Life

"Linda won the 2007 Rolodex Office Makeover Challenge. Her makeover was meticulously thought out and each system was carefully described. Linda, your award was well-deserved and we are lucky to count you as a NAPO-NY member!"

~Janine Sarna-Jones
Past President, NAPO NY; Board of Directors, NAPO

“ Linda, your enthusiasm and dedication to your work really shine through!”

~Dorothy Heckle
Brand Manager, Rolodex-Sanford