Organizing Toolbox

These are tools I have developed to increase efficiency and productivity. I am happy to share and ask that if you re-share or post, you attribute the original work to Simply Back to Basics. Thank you.

All are stored on Google Docs. PDFs can be downloaded to your computer or printed from Google Docs. You may personalize certain docs for your particular needs.

Important Words- Blank form (for tracking passwords- keep in a secure place)

Laundry Instructions (for posting in laundry room to teach others to do own laundry) - can be personalized for your needs.

Document Retention Guidelines

Power of Thinking

Daily Planner

Weekly Planner: Horizontal

Weekly Planner: Vertical

Yearly Planner

Task List: May Do Someday

Task List: Must Do Someday

Task List: Others

Task List: Recurring

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