Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Perfectionism causes Procrastination!

The easiest way to get things done is to “Keep it Simple”. For example; I received a 20” x 30” poster collage of our trip to China as a gift from my thoughtful sister-in-law. It was on its way to our house even before we arrived home. I loved it and immediately tried to find a frame to hang it. This was not as easy as I first thought because it was slightly larger than a standard poster frame. I got stuck there---with all that I had to do, it was not, and could not be a top priority to frame the poster. I laid it flat on the dining room table (you may remember that technique from previous tips J) and I tried not to pile things on top of it.

After a couple of weeks, I found a similar sized poster we had already framed and decided we could use that frame and flip the poster inside over and use the back as a mat, but even that task proved too time intensive so then it laid on that framed print for another few weeks.

Finally, this past weekend, I had a burst of insight. A little voice inside my head said “just hang it up!” I listened. I dusted off the poster, got some blue fun tack and stuck the poster to our sliding closet door in the hall between the front door and the kitchen; a pass way we use a hundred times a day, and the way all visitor go through to enter the house. I hung it low enough for Megan Ling to get a good view and showed her how to get a stool to look at the pictures up higher.

We have enjoyed that poster so much and have looked at it every day. Someday, it will have its frame and be hung in a more permanent place of honor, but for now we can enjoy it the way it is.

Keep it simple and get it done. Good doesn’t have to be perfect.

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  1. that's my problem, Im a perfectionist!! lol

    Thanks for the reminder Linda, Good doesnt have to be perfect.


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