Monday, April 12, 2010

Living with (some) Chaos

Click here to see this garden in the fall
I just love the springtime. It brings me such joy to shake off the winter blues and bask in the warm sunshine. I love to uncover the garden and get it ready for the bulbs and shoots that start to poke their way through. Along with the springtime weather outside comes a big change inside the house, too. Suddenly, there are shoes and jackets everywhere as people start to shed their bulky layers  for sundresses, tee shirts, and shorts and shoes for bare feet. And the delivery of a huge pile of dirt in the driveway gives way to the reality that some of the inside chores are going to suffer as that pile gets moved and dealt with. The constant traffic from the front door to the back door, through the kitchen results in dirt, clothing and general tableware strewn about from our children who are helping themselves because we are busy. Laundry piles up and dinner is delayed. Adding to the mix include the "extra" children that we encourage to gather at our home on the trampoline or swingset. It puts a smile on my face to see them all enjoying the weather and reviving forgotten activities, as I push my wheelbarrow full of dirt to and fro.

Typically, my tips tell you how to conquer the clutter and order your world. This one is just going to tell you that if you feel like you are living in chaos, that sometimes the best thing to do is to enjoy it! The moments pass so quickly, and despite being a "perfectionist" I have come to realize that tolerating a certain level of chaos is not only possible for me, but even healthy and freeing, and especially for the rest of the family! I know I will pull it back together eventually (and having an underlying system to the household helps with that), and this enables me to have some disorder, even over several days or weeks as things transition from one season or holiday to the next.

Enjoy the Spring!

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