Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pre-Picked Outfits = An Easier Morning

Some children rise early and meet the dawn with a sunny outlook, and begin the daily preparations with a smile. This is my daughter, Megan. Other kids (maybe the majority) are slower to mobilize and need additional prompting to move through the daily routine. This is my daughter, Shanna. Both are 8 years old, both are completely capable. One is self motivated and self structuring, the other is a bit more dependent on me and my structure. One of my goals is always to create independence in my kids, helping them to develop tools to increase self sufficiency and confidence.

So, we decided to organize weekly outfits to streamline the morning routine. This is not a new idea, and one I had used before, with success. The only thing was that this time, Shanna was older and capable of participating in the set up & maintenance, if I kept it simple. Last time, I used clothes pins to put the outfits together on hangers, but I found it hard for the kids to do themselves and it looked a bit messy. This time, I decided to pack a weeks worth of clothing the way I do when we travel, and this is what I did.

First, I made cute labels for each day of the week,
on 3x5 index cards:

Then we went to the closet and picked out 7 outfits.

Using Food Storage Baggies
(not ziplocs, just plastic bags)
we folded the outfits and put them into the baggies.
If tights or special socks were needed,
we added those, too.

Then we put the labels into each bag.

Finally, using some baskets I had in the attic,
I taped a label on the outside of each basket,
piled the outfits in the baskets, in order of days.

And the final result!
Shanna, proud of her outfits and her efforts.
Maintenance is every Sunday evening, the girls pick out seven more outfits.
I have found that doing the laundry for the girls on Sunday is very helpful in having all their outfit choices available, so no one is asking "where is my such and such"!

If you don't have closet shelf space to keep the baggies of outfits, you can always use under the bed storage (slide out bins) or use a travel suitcase or duffle bag for even more added fun!

This is a great technique to use for children with sensory processing disorders, ADHD, children on the autism spectrum, or any child with special needs or not!

For help with this or any other organizing project,
Simply call Linda, 716-631-5619.

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