Thursday, May 23, 2013

"What If?" and "Why Not?"

Some days I wake up and I feel like can conquer the world. I have dreamed all night about Ideas and Problems That Need Solutions and before my eyes are even open, I have a list a mile long of Things To Do! That day, I begin to set things in motion.

THEN, the Very. Next. Day. I feel like I can't even get out of bed. I ask myself WHAT was I thinking!!!??? It all seemed so reasonable yesterday!! The thoughts of what to do swim before my brain and one merges into another growing larger and more nebulous, colliding with what feels like a growing headache.

Anyone else feel that way? Anyone surprised to hear that a Professional Organizer feels that way?

This is really the story of my life. A High Achiever, and somewhat a Naive Optimist, I am always thinking "What If?" and Why Not?" I will admit that my constant striving to change myself or my world, can be difficult. But yet, it is what makes my life interesting and exciting. When I follow my "What If?, Why Not?" line of thinking, beautiful things happen to me and my family.

For example, years ago, I spontaneously responded to an email and entered a contest sponsored by Rolodex. I had to design an systematic plan to meet the needs of a fictitious client with organizing challenges due to an attention disorder. I immediately got to work, and being a school psychologist for 16 years, quickly and easily wrote an assessment and plan to meet his needs, emailed it off and forgot about it. Months later, I received a registered letter inviting me to attend the National Association of Professional Organizers annual conference as a Semi-Finalist Winner in the Rolodex Office Makeover Challenge. I was shocked and thrilled. I had a ball at the conference and ended up winning the grand prize; a trip to Hawaii for my family!!! It was amazing and all because I was open to the idea of "What If and Why Not?"

The Big Island, July 2007 (pre-adoption of Megan and Shanna!)

Some people are "If, Then" thinkers. They are constantly aware of the consequences of their choices and carefully evaluate each possibility before acting. This is sound and prudent thinking and in many instances, essential. I can think this way, but it is harder for me. I admire so much people who can do this effortlessly. My husband and my oldest daughter are two of these reliable souls. I can always count on them to help me flush out the unrealistic pieces of my plan.

While neither philosophy is right or wrong; there is a need for balance. To live one's whole life as a dreamer can be exhausting and lead to the roller coaster of energy like what I described at the beginning. To live always in the predictability and safety of routine and consequences may not expose us to the right amount of fun, freedom or joy.

Somewhere in the middle is the answer.

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