Monday, August 4, 2014

Learning to Be Organized

Last week, I visited a client that I have been working closely with over several months, on  paperwork and project management. Before we got started on our normal trek to her basement office, she excitedly showed me her linen closet. Proudly, she said "Look what I did by myself!" She had applied the concepts of sorting, purging and organizing that I had been teaching her about her paper, making this beautiful space, complete with labeled shelves.

She had found that it was no longer difficult for her to see the excess that she accumulated in her closet and to make decisions about what she "really" needed and what was just visual/emotional distraction. I was super proud of her, as that is my goal for each client I work with; to become as self sufficient and independent as possible in managing their affairs. Everyone varies with this, in terms of each person's abilities and limitations of course, but I encourage everyone to reach their potential, whatever that may be.

I often get calls from Prospective Clients who want an idea of how much it will cost to "Get Organized".  First of all, this is a very difficult thing to estimate, as it depends, among other things on the scope of the project and the client's readiness for change. Sometimes, when they hear my organizing rates, they decide it is too expensive. I understand that. However, I encourage clients to see it for the investment it really is. When we purchase training  that broadens the mind and emphasizes development of a skill set which results in life changing results (such as a college education), it's not only a good decision; it truly is an essential investment.

Working with a Professional Organizer to learn the skill set to be organized and efficient is that same kind of high value, big payoff investment. When I work with a client, it's usually on a very intimate level, talking about vision, philosophy, previous relationships and experiences, unresolved issues, trauma, fears, hopes and dreams. While what I do is not psychotherapy, it is very therapeutic and occurs naturally as we handle different pieces of their life. Clients talk to me about the items and their relationship to them. What they eventually come to realize is that it is Hardly Ever About the Stuff. It is about the Emotions and Beliefs About the Stuff. Which, in turn, affects what we do with the stuff. This new found knowledge helps us to make better, more practical decisions that simplify our lives.

So my work involves talking about broad values, examining past ideas and habits, deciding intentionally how to believe and act from this point further, so that- based upon these new realizations- when the old system is dismantled and the new system is developed, it works because it is based on a well thought out, healthy, functional philosophy. As Stephen Covey says, when you get the the top you want your ladder to be leaning against the right wall.

So Kudos to my dear client! Who has worked so hard to make sure her ladder is leaning against the right wall, and who has achieved the highest goal in my mind; the ability to generalize her new skill set to a different project. I am proud and honored to be a part of your growth and success!

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