Thursday, January 1, 2015

A New Beginning

The new year offers a new beginning and isn't it wonderful that it happens every 365 days? We get a chance to put the past behind us, archive it -- if you will, and start again with a clean slate and a new attitude.

I am grateful for the opportunity. The past few months have been extremely busy and challenging for me. I took an intentional break from writing and working with clients in order to concentrate full time on helping my father and his partner downsize their individual homes into a beautiful shared apartment in an independent senior living community. This transition has not been easy or quick. We have sifted through two lifetimes of belongings, every one connected to a moment, a passion, a joy, a disappointment, a sorrow or a purpose. We have laughed, we have cried, we have hollered, hugged and apologized. It has been physically and emotionally exhausting.

It has required my soon-to-be 86 year old dad to let go of things he has done everyday for the last 50+ years. It's really hard for him and it's hard to watch. He is trying to find new purpose and as he says "figure out how to reinvent himself". He is understandably apprehensive and afraid. Yet, and I admire this deeply, he is also eager for the change to happen and is embracing it the best he can.

He is like a hermit crab who must leave his shell (but in this case, it's the shell that has grown too big!) and he needs to find another. So he is scurrying around vulnerable and unprotected as I help him sort, purge, plan and organize.

His partner, whom I have known for 15+ years and love dearly, has undergone an amazing transformation throughout this process. She started out feeling very overwhelmed and not really sure what she wanted or needed to keep or even how to begin. Now, she has developed a real confidence in her tastes, can quickly identify and express her choices and see logical categories for sorting and simplifying. Seeing her life become organized and streamlined has liberated her and she radiates happiness and excitement.

The end of this phase is finally in sight as their apartment nears completion. Soon a moving date will be confirmed and my dad will get to try out his new shell and see how it fits. Undoubtedly, it will feel strange and unfamiliar at first. It will take a while to stretch it in all the right ways, but I am sure it will feel so much better. He is worried that he won't ever find all of his stuff. I assured him that he will have lots of labels to guide him, as well a personalized tour! :) Stay tuned for updates as things progress!

Thank you to all of my clients who have patiently waited for me.
I promise to call as soon as I can.
I wish all of my family, friends and clients
a very, very Happy New Year.
May your New Beginning bring opportunities
to simplify and enjoy your lives.


Linda ~

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