Monday, October 7, 2013

The Body Double

This is a term described by Judith Kolberg in her books Conquering Chronic Disorganization  and ADD Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life. In these wonderful and very readable books Judith mentions many suggestions and strategies to help people with challenges get on top of their tasks, and one of them is the use of a Body Double. This she describes as someone who will hang out with you while you tackle your task and will act as a mirror and an anchor until you get the job done. This could be a friend, relative, colleague or I suppose even your dog or cat, as much of the time all is needed from the other being is simply to be present. In fact, at my desk my dog Whisper usually sleeps at my feet and my cat Jasmine sleeps on a shelf at my right elbow while I work. It is very comforting to me and keeps me anchored.

Right this minute I am writing this article in the office of my friend, Dr. Elvira Aletta who runs a psychotherapy practice called Explore What's Next. We are seated across from each other, laptops open, coffee by our side, tip tapping away on our blog articles. Several months ago we had discussed our frustration that we often left blogging to the last minute, putting more urgent and pressing matters ahead of writing. We agreed that having a designated blogging time would be helpful and that we could encourage each other further by meeting together during our writing time to cheer each other on. This has resulted in a bi-weekly Monday meeting where we get together at each others home or office for an hour or two and crack out some writing. Being each others Body Double has been a huge help to each of us, with the added benefit that we can process other business and personal issues to the benefit of our well being and productivity.

I often serve as an anchor and support for my clients as we tackle the To Do List. I presort, put like with like, simplify the presentation of the task and clean up as we go along. While the decisions need to be and are made by my clients, I can help stage them so that it is easier to see the choices. It makes the job for my client much more efficient, effective and enjoyable. Plus it gets it done!

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