Monday, October 28, 2013

The Possiblity of an Open Doorway


I had an idea recently about a wall in our house. I just kept thinking that if only that wall had a doorway, it would allow us to walk from our front hall, through our family room and right into our back hall and laundry room, rather than having to walk all the way through the kitchen with several turns to navigate. If that wall were a doorway, we could walk right up the front staircase with the laundry baskets and it would be so much more pleasant! Plus, when we come in the house with all our stuff (primarily through the front door in the spring and summer) we could head right into the back hall to put things away, where there is more room.

I ran the idea by my husband, Eric, who has always dreamed of putting a stained glass window in that spot. Being a bit slow to warm up to my crazy ideas, it took a while to take root in his mind. Yesterday, when I came home from errands, I found that he had masked off a rectangular spot on the wall and drilled a tiny hole in the middle where we could see through to the family room. It surprised me, as the doorway on the one side did not quite match up to where I thought it would be on the other side! I thought it would be much closer to one side of the room, when it was really more centered! But I was happy to see the possibility start to take shape. He still put in his plug for a window, but I said he wouldn't be happy when he saw me climb through the window with the laundry baskets, and he agreed that he wouldn't.

Is there a place in your life where the possibility of an open doorway (real or figurative) would help you to make something easier in your life? Can you imagine it? If so, can you implement it? Sometimes, even just imagining the possibility can free up the physical energy needed to make it happen.

It's not going to be quick for our doorway to take shape, I know that it may take months for all the pieces to be started and finished, as there is electrical, baseboards and load bearing walls to contend with. But I am excited for the project to begin and am looking forward to the connection that the open doorway will provide!

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