Monday, March 3, 2014

The Possibility of an Open Doorway, Pt 2

Last October, I wrote The Possibility of an Open Doorway. It was about my real life dream that we could create a doorway through the wall, linking our front hall to the family room. This has now become a reality and I am excited to share it with you! As I had hoped, it has truly increased the functionality of the house and connected everything together. It was a bit difficult at first, as our motor memory continued to route our bodies through the old traffic patterns, but after a few weeks it seemed as if it had always been there!

Another unexpected consequence was how disappointing the view of the family room was from the hallway. Now that the doorway was open, it became evident that change in that room was in order too. This spurred me on to rearrange, purge, consolidate and reorganize the family room so that it was both more attractive, more roomy AND more functional for our current family needs. But that is for a future post.

For now, let me praise my wonderful husband, Eric, who moved two water pipes, a baseboard and electrical lines to make this happen. I am so grateful and appreciative of all your hard work!! We still aren't quite finished. The walls need to be painted and the wooden step still needs to be installed, but it will get done eventually.

The beginnings of an idea

Opening up the wall, figuring out what's inside. The supervisors on hand for the demolition.

Breaking through the other side

Change can be hard. Temporary supports must be put into place while the old supports are removed and replaced.

The new view may not be as great as you want right away. Change begets change.

Eventually, it works out, better than ever!

And even when not perfectly complete, seems like it has always been that way.

I try to listen to that little voice in my head that suggests possibilities to me. Often, they result in wonderful surprises. Read Make Room for Joy, another time in which I listened to my inner voice and share the beautiful outcome.

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